Vending Machine System


aaneyah is a cloud-based system that provides an extensive and automated system of buying consumable goods like snacks, beverages, coffee, drinks, and other products as determined by the Host. The system gives customers the opportunity to remotely or physically select products from any Vending Machine of their choice by either scanning a QR code or using the Machine’s code.




Technical Reqirements

The software is built with a modular API architecture that allows for additional applications and functionality to be added to the software as the company grows. Each system is self-contained and functions separately but when brought together will yield an application that will allow for complete management of buying from and stocking a Vending Machine. This was especially important as we needed to create a mobile customer app, a POS app, an app that ran on the physical vending machine and an app to manage the stock in the warehouse, and a merchant app for those buying or renting vending machines.

Modular API

As the company grows, new features can be added with minimal redevelopment.

Integration with Payments and messaging APIs

We integrated with the Stripe and Waafi API to provide multiple payment options as well as the Twilio API for messaging services

Two-Factor Authentication

Users are required to enter an OTP to complete signin process on all mobile apps.

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Flutter
  • Stripe and waafi Payment API
  • Twilio API
  • Telesom SMS API
  • Mobile QR Code
  • Amazon AWS Continuous Integration/Deployment