Telemedicine Encrypted Audio/Video Teleconference


he client wanted to create a hands-free interactive workflow for nurses and doctors in hospitals that would help record and document the patient experience. This would include prescriptions, orders, notes, medication lists, problems, allergies and referrals. When the provider speaks, the documentation is performed on a large monitor for both the patient and physician to see. This design is to optimize the in-room time without taking away from the visit.


Hospital Chain
San Jose, California

Technical Reqirements

Encrypted audio/video teleconference for internal video conferencing and remote patient examinations for a hospital chain. Collaboration features such as secure file sharing, encrypted chat and screen sharing. US-based and HIPAA compliant with availability app + database replication clusters.

Encrytped WebRTC Deployment

The app needed to have in-browser encrypted video-call capibilites.

HIPAA Compliant

The app needed to adhere to all the government regulations regarding medical data

Email Marketing

The app needed to manage and create email marketing campaigns for use by restaurants in marketing to their partons.

Tech Stack

  • Meteor.js
  • Blaze
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon AWS – Continuous Integration/Deployment
  • Full WebRTC
  • TURN Relay Server
  • HIPAA Compliant