Theatre Management / Ticketing Software

Theatrisoft is a cloud-based full-featured Box Office and Theatre management platform for multiple locations and stages, with online ticket reservations, in-person point of sale and integrated payments, donation management, QR scanning app, and marketing integrations.


2017 - 2019

Technical Reqirements

The software needed to be built with a modular API architecture that allows for additional applications and functionality to be added to the software as the company grows. Each system will be self-contained and function separately but when brought together will yield an application that will allow for complete management of theatre business and need to be able to scale to min 200.000 active users a month.

Modular API

So as the company grows new features can be added with minimal redevelopment.

Integrate with Payments and Reporting API

We needed to integrate with Stripe for Payments and Google Data Studio to allow for custom reporting.

Scale to 200k+ Users

Our client was onboarding multiple theatres out of the gate and needed to be able to scale up traffic quickly.

Tech Stack

  • Laravel PHP
  • Vue.js
  • MongoDB
  • Stripe Payment API
  • Web QR Code
  • Amazon AWS Continuous Integration/Deployment

Solution and Result

We were able to execute on the requirements and create an app that was used by tens of thousands of end-users and that processed 2.2 million dollars in transactional volume in 2019. Development continued full force until March 2020 when the COVID pandemic caused the client to take the project out of heavy development.