Dental Practice CRM


he client needed a SaaS cloud-based CRM for dental offices. This app needed to be able to manage appointments for patients, communicate with them over VOIP and SMS directly within the CRM (browser-based calling), and synch with their legacy Opendetal practice management system that uses HL7 protocol. It also needed to be HIPAA compliant with all patient communication and personal health information being encrypted


2017 - 2019

Technical Reqirements

Multi-tenancy dental practice CRM, that is linked to incoming phone lines via VOIP. Has complete patient info and history and also used for appointment scheduling, patient management and invoicing, browser-based calling, dial reminder lists, SMS reminders, appointments automation and autoresponders, kanban board style ticket system with dynamic forms and workflows, and more. Integrated with OpenDental practice management software via Hl7 protocol. It is US based and is to be HIPAA compliant, high availability with database replication clusters for data redundancy. Designed for 99.999% uptime.

VOIP Phone Lines

The CRM needed to be connected to VOIP phones and have those numbers associated with data inside the CRM for ease of use.

SMS Reminders

We needed to integrate with Twillio and create automated text reminders for upcoming dental appointments.

HIPAA Compliant

The app needed to maintain a high level of security and compliance to governmental regulations regarding health data.

Tech Stack

  • Meteor.js
  • Blaze
  • MongoDB
  • WebRTC (encrypted audio/video)
  • Twilio Integration for SMS and VOIP Trunks
  • FreePBX & Asterisk 13 – VOIP/SIP Integration
  • OpenDental
  • MirthConnect
  • Amazon AWS –  Continuous Integration/Deployment
  • HIPAA Compliant