ADP-Corrigo Pro Integration

Dynamond is a mid-sized janitorial company that operates in 19 states. They have major customers such as Albersons, Safeway, PetSmart, and The Cheesecake Factory. They provide services from cleaning to recoating and everything in between.


Internal Tools

Technical Reqirements

The client requested that we develop for the Google App engine. The system needed to allow employees to call using a local phone number for time keeping in each time zone. Then the system needed to call out and autodial the Corrigo time keeping system. Finally the system pushed the final data via API to ADP for payroll processing. 

Google App Engine

Zero server management configuration and deployment. Auto scaling of server resources

Two Types of Integrations

RESTful API integration with ADP communicating with VoIP Corrigo system via phone calls.

Zero Training Needed

System needed to be designed so english or spanish users would be able to use it with zero training without error.

Tech Stack

  • Twilio VoIP
  • Laravel 6.0
  • CloudSQL
  • Google App Engine

Solution and Result

 The app is currently working in 19 different states and four different time zones in over 400 locations. The solution was so successful that the client has since returned for additional features and functionality including reporting, phone white-listing and schedule management.